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Director Jeremy Martin Weiss receiving Lou Costello Award at Garden State Film Fest

Jeremy Martin Weiss is an award-winning filmmaker who loves filmmaking, storytelling, entertaining and making people laugh. His last film Riff Raf, about a jazz musician who accidentally ends up in a classical orchestra, won the Lou Costello Award for Best Comedy Short at the 12th Annual Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic City, NJ and the Special Jury Mention Award at the Boston Student Film Festival. Recently Catherine Clinch, reporter for Studio System News, picked up Riff Raf and featured Jeremy in an article titled, “Five Directors To Discover Online.” Jeremy’s resume includes shadowing directors on NBC, CBS and Hallmark.

Jeremy has been working in the exciting world of Hollywood ever since he graduating from Emerson College. Since moving to Los Angeles he has been working in the camera department side by side with talented directors and directors of photography. He’s filmed features, half-hour sitcoms, reality TV, commercials, sports and corporate videos.  His first gig was with the YES Network as a camera operator on two TV shows featuring the New York Yankees and New York Football Giants. More recently, he has been working camera for Hallmark Channel, Lifetime and Pixl TV. This past summer he traveled all over North America as part of Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush, which was a thrilling adventure!

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  1. I am sure that you will achieve your goal, but be sure to enjoy the trip along the way. The French Line ( from the days of ocean liners) had a slogan ” Geting there is half the fun.” It is all of the fun.
    Love Grandpa


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