“I’ve worked with Jeremy over four seasons of Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush and his commitment to filmmaking is unmatched. He has a special ability to see a narrative through a camera lens. Jeremy will always go above and beyond to get the shot that’s needed. He’s great to have on set, excellent with actors and contributors, and most importantly dedicated to story. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any production.”

Carter Smith Executive Producer – ‘The Queen’s New Guard’Co-Executive Producer – ‘Gold Rush’ , ‘Parker’s Trail’

“I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy on season 9 of Gold Rush. Right from the start we had an excellent chemistry. He is a very strong and proficient camera operator with impressive visuals and storytelling skills. I always knew he’d have his camera up and pointing in the right place. I was amazed how he never lost his smile while working on set through difficult circumstances and hard deadlines. His enthusiasm, positive energy and drive to succeed are inspiring. He’s the kind of guy you want on your crew.”

Rob Llewellyn Director of Photography – Gold Rush

“Jeremy was our B camera operator for a scripted comedy. He was a pleasure to work with. He came up with creative solutions to blocking and shooting scenes, kept his camera team on schedule and always seemed to be one step ahead of production’s needs. But what separates Jeremy is his attitude. As we all know film sets can be very stressful places, but Jeremy has a knack for keeping things calm and positive. He is up for any challenge and would be an excellent addition to any crew.”

Liz Vacovec Producer – ‘E.S.L sitcom’Producer – ‘Come Fly With Me’

“Jeremy Weiss is one of the most deeply-human young colleagues with whom I’ve had the pleasure to share life experience. Not only have Jeremy and I worked in pre-production to refine his ideas and plans, but we’ve also worked in production together. This is a very telling experience with many people and Jeremy maintains a kind and respectful demeanor even in the most challenging of situations while his diligence toward preparing and executing his work is impressive indeed.”

C.E. CourtneyCinematographer – ‘Riff Raf’

I do not hesitate to hire Jeremy for any project I have in commission. His dedication to story and knowledge of filmmaking history and technique is second to none. His ability to mix an incredibly passionate work ethic with lighthearted humor is a gift to have on production days. He has a talent for getting the best out of talent and crew through his infectious enthusiasm for the process of filmmaking. I have full faith that you will be proud to have Jeremy Weiss represent your company and program.

David Lawrence Co-Executive Producer – ‘Gold Rush’

“Jeremy has an innate ability to see story through the lens of a camera. Which is why he was my director of photography for six episodes of a brand new series I was producing. We had many challenges during our shoot, but Jeremy’s visual storytelling, talent for dealing with contributors and light-hearted manor made everyday a blast to show up on set.”

Nate Sterner Location Series Producer – ‘Fred Lewis Off Season’

“Jeremy rose to the challenge of producing and directing twelve one-hour episodes for us with his natural enthusiasm and passion for storytelling. The cast and crew responded incredibly well to his work ethic and easy-going attitude and I was impressed with Jeremy’s ability to elicit the best performances from our talent – especially during some very intense, emotional circumstances. More than anything, I could count on Jeremy to accomplish any shooting challenge I gave him.”

Ed Gorsuch Co-Executive Producer – Dave Turin’s Lost Mine