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“It’s not going to take long for the industry to discover the potential of this latest Weiss’ skills. His short film, “Riff Raf” is a heady adventure…it’s definitely enough of an opportunity to glimpse his potential.” excerpt from Five Directors to Discover Online Studio System News

Catherine ClinchReporter Studio System News

“Director Jeremy Weiss, of the Jazz film Riff Raff, had great tastes and exactly what a Director needs to have, a wide variety of multiple topics…Riff Raf is a beautifully shot black and white film with a story as simple (and complex) as Jazz itself.” excerpt from Influx Magazine

Paul Booth Reporter Influx Magazine & Talking Pictures Podcast

“Jeremy Weiss is one of the most deeply-human young colleagues with whom I’ve had the pleasure to share life experience. Not only have Jeremy and I worked in pre-production to refine his ideas and plans, but we’ve also worked in production together. This is a very telling experience with many people and Jeremy maintains a kind and respectful demeanor even in the most challenging of situations while his diligence toward preparing and executing his work is impressive indeed.”

C.E. Courtney Cinematographer

“Jeremy’s imagination and zeal with regard to filmmaking are only overshadowed by his prodigious persistence.”

Richard Brett Screenwriter